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Now ZenSales users can build passive income streams by recruiting new users to the ZenSales shipping platform. ZenSales will pay $3/month for every active paid subscriber you refer to the platform. That's not all -- when your direct recruit refers a new paying user, you each can receive $3/month for up to 24 months!


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2. Earn Recurring Income on Recruits   from your First AND Second Levels 

Get your recruiting link here. New users must register via your link to count towards your total.

Every active Growth or Executive Plan user referred by you or your direct recruit counts towards your total.

Complete Program Details

1. Share Your ZenSales Recruiting Link on websites, social media and via email 

How Much Can You Earn? 

The Sky's the Limit. 

What is the ZenSales Ambassador Program?

The ZenSales Ambassador Program is an exciting way for ZenSales users to earn monthly recurring revenue, by referring new paid subscribers to the ZenSales shipping platform! We have restructured our referral system to create a program that allows you to turn your network into an income stream. 

Who is eligible to participate?

The ZenSales Ambassador Program is for ZenSales users with active subscriptions. 

How do I participate in the ZenSales Ambassador Program?

1. Begin by following this link to the signup page. 

2. Read and accept the ZenSales Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions. You become an active Ambassador when you submit your agreement to the program’s terms and conditions.

3. Share your Ambassador Recruiting Link. 

4. Any individual who creates a paid subscription account with your link will become a First Level Recruit eligible for possible payout upon confirmation. 

5. When one of your First Level Recruits shares their link, any individual who creates an account for a paid subscription will become a Second Level Recruit also eligible for a possible payout!


Total referred


Monthly Income

Users Recruited By You: 5
Avg Users Referred By Your Recruits: 5 each

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Earn $3 per referral up to 24 months! Earn $3 more when your referrals recruit.

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ZenSales strives to help our users grow their businesses by employing a growth mindset in everything we do.

The ZenSales Ambassador Program was built on a generous payout structure that's designed to help ZenSales users build a meaningful recurring income with a small investment in time.

There are no earnings caps or limits on the number of users you can recruit

A few recruits can quickly multiply into a sizable monthly income. For instance, by recruiting just 4 users who each also recruit 4 users you could receive $60 a month for up to 24 months!

Who counts as a recruit?

Any user on a paid monthly subscription will be considered a viable recruit. At this time, the Starter subscription is not eligible. But if you have a recruit who wants to sign up for a Starter account, go ahead and give them your referral link! If they upgrade their subscription they’ll become an active recruit and you’ll receive a payout for up to 24 months!

How much will I receive for each recruit?

You will receive $3 for each First Level Recruit and Second Level Recruit. A First Level Recruit is an individual who signs up for a paid subscription using your link. A Second Level Recruit is an individual who signs up for a paid subscription using your First Level Recruit’s link. 

How much can I earn? Is there an earnings cap?

There is no limit on how much you can earn! There are no caps on your earnings or limit on how much you can get paid, and there is no limit on your number of recruits. There are no limits on the width of your Recruitment Stream. 

How long will I receive monthly recurring revenue from my recruits?

You will receive a monthly payment for each month your recruit is valid, paying member of ZenSales for up to 24 months.

When will I receive payment for my recruits and how will I get paid?

You will receive a monthly payment starting 60 days after the recruit has signed up and established their account. Payments are calculated and finalized at the end of each calendar month. You will receive a check in the mail each month that you have a payout amount.

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